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you'd be Smart to Talk to us.

Why we do it:

We want to make a difference helping you, the client, and demonstrating that there are still some of us willing to help and make things easy for you.

How do we do it:

By being interested in your needs, providing you with an outstanding costumer experience and always being willing to help.

What we do:

We give you peace of mind while getting you the best carrier possible according to your needs.


We are a company dedicated to the growth of our associates focusing in doing a premium quality job, knowing that our client goes first.

Here at Smart Talk Transport we are committed to provide you with great customer service and the best possible way to get your load shipped according to your needs. With us you don’t pay a penny until the driver is confirmed and booked. We are here to help you and earn your business by doing exactly that, helping you. So remember, if you want to get your load moved, you’d be smart to talk to us.

- Why we do it: We want to make a difference helping you, the client, and demonstrating that there are still some of us willing to help and make things easy for you.

- How do we do it: By being interested in your needs, providing you with an outstanding costumer experience and always being willing to help.

- What we do: We give you peace of mind while getting you the best carrier possible according to your needs.


Honesty: honesty is the best policy, here at Smart Talk Transport we say what we mean and mean what we say! We show our honesty by not lying or cheating to our customers. Honesty is being straight forward with our customers, this builds trust, there are no blind spots and our actions are based on facts and truth!

Knowledgeable: Our specialists must have a large range of information and knowledge at their disposal. This means they are always well informed of Drivers’ routes and their going prices, this gives our customers assurance and trust to do business with us

Servant-Hood: The role of our specialist here is to serve the people that need transportation service and to make sure that our customers are taken care of first.

Integrity: integrity is aligning what you offer customers over the phone and making sure this happens. It is adherence to a code of moral values that the specialist not only communicates but also displays in everyday life. Having integrity reinforces trust with the people we provide service to.

Passion: Our staff has very strong feelings about providing the best transportation service in this industry. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire we have to provide service to our customers.

Heavy Machinery

Smart Talk Transport also offers you solutions to move your machinery from point A to point B. With a department dedicated to the transportation of machinery our experienced brokers are here to help you move. Wether its a small tractor, construction equipment, or an oversized load, we will take care of it. Giving our customers peace of mind is one of our main goals! 



We know how this industry works that’s why we offer the most competitive prices based upon the going market, do to the fact that we are bonded with over 15,000 drivers nationwide. We don’t plan on getting rich just by shipping one car, we truly care about our customers and what they think about us. So that’s why we apply our knowledge and go the extra mile to get you the best price possible, we want to open a door for future business with our customers, not just a one-time experience.

We want to earn your business the right way and we believe that the right way is the Smart way! Being honest to our customers is one of our most respected values here at Smart Talk Transport, we don’t just tell customers what they want to hear, we tell them the truth and present them with different options.

We are licensed and cargo insured, and only hire the best drivers with excellent reviews to take our loads. Our commitment to excellence is very clear in every aspect of our business especially in the way we provide all the accurate information to our customers and presenting them different options and let them choose whatever they feel more comfortable with.

Here is some information so you can get an idea how your vehicle gets quoted.

Type of vehicle: It is very important to know that depending on the type of vehicle that you will ship the quote will vary. Things to take in consideration are make and model, Transport Specialists need to know if you are shipping a sedan, a pick up or an SUV because there are some vehicles that take up more space and that weigh more than others.

Distance is also very important when quoting: a lot of brokers out there are just low balling customers to earn their business without even getting all the facts down. Our Specialist are all highly qualified to give an exact quote based on their experience. Our personalized quotes give you a verified price. We don’t just provide you with a low attractive quote so you can come with us.

Don’t hesitate and call us so we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Door-to-Door Service

There are a lot of companies out there offering Door-to-Door Service without even knowing where your car really is and where it’s going.

The smartest way to do this is by getting all the necessary information because there are some cities that restrict this type of service as they have rules and regulations on the type and size of vehicles that can enter residential areas.

Large trucks are often prohibited from entering because they require more open space to maneuver. Therefore, often the truckers will have to meet you at the nearest large parking lot where they will deliver your vehicle.

In cases like these, it doesn’t mean that there is no way we can provide you with Door-to-Door Service, what this meansis that our Transport Specialists needs to coordinate a flat- bed truck to pick up or drop off your vehicle at your front door. And this is what makes Smart Talk Transport different. We come through no matter what your situation is!

Snowbirds Auto Transport

Smart Talk Transport is a nationwide car shipping company and we offer coast-to-coast car transport that includes all the major snowbirds routes in the U.S. During the 'snowbirds' season the car delivery business increases which could make it harder to find an available car carrier to ship your car. 'Snowbirds' season is every spring and fall and it is that time of the year when many 'snowbirds' head south for the winter and north for the summer. 'Snowbirds' are mostly retirees from Midwest and Northeast who pack their bags and move to the South to escape the cold weather in the northern states. Every year Smart Talk Transport helps thousands of snowbirds shipping their cars to their Southern locations and then back home. Most common Southern states 'snowbirds' relocate to are Florida, Arizona, Texas and California.

Most people relocate there for the obvious reason - to escape the cold winters in the Midwest and Northeast. And really, we can't blame them for that - nothing is better than move to the South during the bitter winters in North America.

Enclosed Transportation

offers complete protection from weather elements and flying objects such as flying rocks that can chip the paint job on your vehicle. Enclosed car transport prevents dust from entering the vehicle.

We do not claim to be the least expensive enclosed car shipping company. Although, we do claim to be the best! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you with auto transport.

Please take a moment and let us show you why we are the Smart choice for your enclosed vehicle shipping needs. Please don’t hesitate to request a free quote or call us with questions about your vehicle transport.

Why Enclosed Transportation? Ask yourself the following questions. Is my vehicle a Custom, Classic or Sporty car? Am I taking it to expose it at a car show? All these questions are really important because depending on what your situation is, that is the service that we will provide you with. We are not here just to up sale you or put your vehicle in any Truck to move your vehicle, we are here to give you the service that best fits your needs.

Expedited Service

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Benefits for the snowbirds to ship their cars instead of driving it:

Don't risk driving in the winter. Driving in the winter is risky, especially if you are going to move across the country. This can mean days of driving, often in bad winter conditions. Thus, 'snowbirds' prefer not to hire an auto shipping company to transport their vehicle to their winter getaway.

Save time and money. 'Snowbirds' have realized that as they travel the same routes every year. Crossing the country by car means spending money on gas, hotel, food and often emergency stops (flat tires etc.). Smart Talk Transport professional truckers will save snowbirds' time, money and the headaches associated with driving long distance.

Spare your car the tear and wear. Don't put extra mileage on your car by going down the 'snowbirds' shipping routes. If you move to the South every year this means thousands of miles on your car you can spare by hiring a car transporter.

Don't need to rent a car to go South. Renting a car could be quite expensive depending on which state you are taking it from and how far you are going. Snowbirds vehicle transport service with Smart Talk Transport means peace of mind - no renting, no driving.

Don't need to delay your travel plans. Save yourself the time of driving long distance and use it for something else. Smart Talk Transport will transport your car while you are relaxing or preparing your winter getaway home.

Moving your car to Florida or to California, Smart Talk Transport will accommodate your vehicle shipping needs. Whether it is your every day car or you need to ship your classic vehicle we will provide you with expert services. Snowbirds season means increased traffic on all major snowbirds routes, which makes driving dangerous. Leavethedrivingto Smart Talk Transport’s professional truckers.



Smart Talk Transport Terms & Conditions

Smart Talk Transport is a registered and bonded property number (MC#931059)

. Smart Talk Transport agrees to have vehicle(s) described on quotation shipped on or about the requested dates. Smart Talk Transport will designate a reliable carrier (agent) to fulfill the terms and conditions of this agreement. Smart Talk Transport or its Agents do not guarantee a specific pickup or delivery date. 2. Smart Talk Transport agrees to make all effort possible to provide the most adequate shipment of described vehicle(s) - insofar as they will not compromise its standard of safety or quality. The owner understands that ample notice of intent to ship is a primary contingency factor. The owner/agent and Smart Talk Transport also understand that any shipment, regardless of type of trucking, may be delayed due to adverse weather or road conditions, illness, mechanical breakdown of trucks, supply and demand for trucks and drivers, etc. IN ABSOLUTELY NO CASE WILL Smart Talk Transport BE RESPONSIBLE FOR, OR REIMBURSE, CAR RENTAL EXPENSE.