Honesty: honesty is the best policy, here at Smart Talk Transport we say what we mean and mean what we say! We show our honesty by not lying or cheating to our customers. Honesty is being straight forward with our customers, this builds trust, there are no blind spots and our actions are based on facts and truth!

Knowledgeable: Our specialists must have a large range of information and knowledge at their disposal. This means they are always well informed of Drivers’ routes and their going prices, this gives our customers assurance and trust to do business with us

Servant-Hood: The role of our specialist here is to serve the people that need transportation service and to make sure that our customers are taken care of first.

Integrity: integrity is aligning what you offer customers over the phone and making sure this happens. It is adherence to a code of moral values that the specialist not only communicates but also displays in everyday life. Having integrity reinforces trust with the people we provide service to.

Passion: Our staff has very strong feelings about providing the best transportation service in this industry. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire we have to provide service to our customers.



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